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Beach Jasper - Necklace

Beach Jasper - Necklace

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Gem Properties:

 Jasper is best known for stress relief and providing tranquility. 

Necklace Details:

 Wire wrapped in Gold Plated copper, complete with 18”, 18k Gold Plated brass necklace.

Pendant Size:

 Approx 2x2cm. Small Pendant. Dainty Look. 


Lake Erie


Most jewelry on this site contains brass, copper or aluminum. All materials are tarnish resistant. Read product details to see which materials were used for specific pieces.

Care information

All materials are tarnish resistant not tarnish proof - it is still possible for them to tarnish if not kept in good conditions. Keep in a cool dry place, avoid water as it can rub off the plated layer, revealing the material beneath. Wire is soft and can be misshapen if not handled carefully.

Sustainability & Ethics

Every piece on this site is handmade. Crystals, stones & shells are all consciously sourced - if and where possible our materials are locally sourced within Ontario, Canada.

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