• Crystal Jewelry

    Looking to carry crystal energy with you everywhere you go? These unique jewelry pieces are the perfect way to do so!

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  • Senses-Scoops

    Looking for a little mystery? Or maybe you just want as many crystals for as low as possible. These budget friendly crystal-scoops are full of pendants, gems & more!

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Why own crystals?

Crystal Properties

Crystals have unique healing energies that can benefit everyone. Choose from crystals that offer energetic protection, boosts of confidence & much more.

Crystal Collecting

Aside from their unique energies, crystals are beautiful and eye-catching. Whether you're into collecting as many as possible, or strictly statement pieces, owning crystals is a healthy hobby.

Divination & Spirituality

Don't entirely believe that crystals provide healing on their own? Many use them as an extra "tool" in divination or manifestation. Gemstones are seen in multiple cultures & practises for unique reasons!

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